Storyboard artist, Director and Art assistant for this exquisite series.


Storyboard and rough animatic (no music) for Emmy award winning scene from Transformers Prime.  ©Hasbro

Rough Animatic of 208 Emmy sequence. You'll notice changes were made before the end of the process, moving the beginning of the fight scene to the top of the tank. But it gives you an idea of how we constantly work a scene to increase the drama and finesse the pacing until final animation.

Final animation before music and a few other tweaks.

I had a lot of fun with this little scene between 3 of my favorites - Cliffjumper, Arcee and Shockwave. 

From: Metal Attraction Stuck together due to a residual magnetic charge, forming probably the least useful combiner gimmick yet ("All-new Backmasters"), Arcee and Bulkhead have to somehow work together against the inconveniently not-stuck-together Airachnid and Breakdown to retrieve the Polarity Gauntlet.

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