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Selfish Children Productions is an Illustration and Creative Content House, responsible for Emmy™ award winning Storyboards ("Transformers Prime, My Friends Tigger and Pooh"), Advertising Illustration, Art Direction, Character Design,  and Property Development for television and movies. 

Creators of the the twitter-breaking iBooks event and corresponding Children's Book included with the Fox Blue Ray of David Fincher's "Gone Girl", we've also developed game and animation properties for companies like Hasbro, & Amazon Prime, brought large size promotional campaigns to life (in the form of a 30 foot installation in Times Square!) for Washington Mutual/Sedgwick Rd, realized promotional art for Lucasfilm and prop illustrations for "Chasing Amy", "Mallrats" and "Hannibal: Red Dragon", tagged an art gallery (because they let us), storyboarded on just about every beloved childhood property you can think of and even designed a line of Glitter-Girl tshirts that were the hit of club kids (boys and girls) from here to London.  Yup.  You heard me right.  We were super cool for a hot minute.

With a one-two punch of the deft hand and storytelling skills of TV and Movie veteran Kirk Van Wormer (check out the links below!) the fast and clever concept and writing skills of Christopher Cook in the office and some truly amazing backup creatives at our fingertips (each with years of experience in Advertising, Promotion and Animation production),  Selfish Children are the kids to call to bring smart, fun and exquisitely designed projects to any brand or property! 

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  • Property Development

  • Directing

  • Storyboards

  • Character Design

  • Content Creation

  • Children's Books

  • Illustration

  • Advertising

  • Promotional Design

  • Comic Books

  • and if you need an awesome Copy Writer, we've got an amazing one of those as well!

Outstanding Achievement for Kicking your Hiney!

Outstanding Achievement for Kicking your Hiney!

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