Scooby Doo & the Legend of the PhantAsaur - WB

Phantasaur is just one of the many Scooby movies I've been lucky to work on.  Others include Camp Scare,  Big Top Scooby and Music of the Vampire!   As you can see, the opening sequence is stylistically based on the original Scooby Opening and Episode 1!  I love the quality we are able to get in the movies, and always look forward to having the time to take on some scenes whenever they are available.  I mean, it's Scooby after all!

Below is one of the fun circus scenes from the movie.  If you watch the Spanish version online *(click the color pic) (or if you are a fan like me, you've bought it already) you'll see this scene is about smack dab in the middle. You may also find the actor who plays Shaggy HI-lariously dubbed!   I also worked on the scene where Velma studies the ancient book about werewolves, and designed all the interior artwork for the book (sample below)

Big Top Scooby - WB

Click the image above to see this SPANISH! (starts about 18 seconds in)


Interior 'book' artwork design using original ye olde werewolf etchings.